Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera,

The UMPSA Library eBook Collection has a total of 202 titles from various genres that can be accessed, borrowed and read through a mobile phone or web application platform. Each eBook can be read in ePub format and can be accessed at https://umpsa.elib.com.my/.


How to use it?

Users can borrow and read books digitally in 3 easy steps:


  • Register an account

Please register your account at https://bit.ly/DaftarElib


  • Borrow a book

Users can borrow books for 7 days digitally. After 7 days the book will be deleted from the user account. Users can borrow the book again if they want to continue reading.


  • Read a book

Users can read digital books via Cloud Reader, Android, iOS and desktop computers.







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