STEM-bot Remote Control Using Bluetooth and Android Device

Below are the required files for the STEM-bot Remote Control REQUIRED FILES STEM-BOT Controller App Arduino Coding for Manual Control INSTRUCTIONS Download the STEM-BOT Contoller App into your Android Phone. Install the Apk file. If you can’t install the app in your Android Device, do the following steps: Upload the Arduino Code into the STEM-bot.… Read More »

MIT App Inventor 2 Training Resource

Below is the resources for the MIT App Inventor 2 Training. USEFUL LINK MIT App Inventor 2 (Please use Chrome or Firefox ONLY to run App Inventor 2) Mac OS X Setup Instruction GNU/Linux Setup Instruction SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD MIT AI2 Companion App MIT AI2 Companion App (APK File ONLY) App Inventor Setup Software (for Windows Only)… Read More »

Hello world!

WELCOME TO MY PERSONAL BLOG. This blog is developed to provide additional information and support for the module that I taught. Any useful information on the latest multimedia technology development will be updated from time to time so that student will get the best and the most updated information. Links to other useful websites also… Read More »